SAK Real Estate Development is a global leader in commercial real estate development and investment.

SAK establishes the benchmark for master planning in real estate development and redevelopment projects globally. Drawing on decades of experience in business banking, property, and construction management, our seasoned executives grasp the intricate interplay of government, economic, social, and environmental policies that affect property and construction projects. These considerations are integral to our analysis of your real estate endeavour. Regardless of the complexity of your real estate project, we possess the expertise and resources necessary to manage the development process from start to finish.

SAK Real Estate Development

We are enthusiastic about the robust growth and emerging trends within the real estate sector. Our investment focus is on medium to large off-market commercial and residential properties around the globe. We are keen on acquiring raw land, developed plots, or parcels for resale.

SAK’s Real Estate projects extend across various locations including Georgia, Florida, Wyoming, Texas, Hawaii, Australia and Southeast Asia.

SAK Real Estate Development