SAK's executive team

SAK's executive team is backed with decades of experience in entrepreneurship, knowledge and resources to assist you in your path to accelerated growth and success. We collaborate with our colleagues and industry leaders to identify your company's strengths and positioning. We formulate a plan and build a road-map to direct you towards growth and success.

Bryan R. Pereyo

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Pereyo believes integrity is the foundation of any successful business and personal relationship. He is the founder of Sales Antidote and its current CEO. Bryan is a successful sales and marketing specialist with brand and customer-building expertise. With over thirty years developing and leading high-performance construction management teams, he understands business and the financial drivers that generate and facilitate a successful construction project with high revenue returns. He is an esteemed construction management specialist, owning a major construction firm for 15 years with clients like DoE, DoD, General Electric, General Motors and New York life, and responsible for building many of structures like nuclear research labs, water desalination plant, dam restoration, superfund cleanup and low-level radioactive decommissioning. Bryan has provided top notch business consulting and guidance in receivables management, real estate consulting, fraud prevention, business financing, BSA, AML and KYC. Bryan’s clients count on SAK to provide detailed orient business/growth plan that provide a realistic path to success and positive growth.

Bryan has worked in the operations arena of civil construction, construction management and highly successful business consulting protocol. His operational experience includes corporate business development, corporate civil engineering & building, mergers & acquisitions, compliance, recruiting and C-level management. Bryan has been trained and mentored by highly successful people like Anthony Robbins, Jack Welch, and Zig Ziglar.

Bryan R. Pereyo
Han Pereyo

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Han Pereyo joined SAK in 2021 and was originally from Adelaide, Australia but now calls Ocala, Florida her home. Han gained her degree in International Business from Curtin University, Western Australia. She began her career working in oil and gas publications and advertising in charge of major accounts like Woodside Petroleum, BHP and Santos Ltd. In later years Han's career direction shifted to healthcare management where she was responsible for managing leading dental and medical facilities in Adelaide, South Australia. With extensive experience in marketing, advertising and business management, her contributions to SAK is a major asset to all SAK clients and team members. Han is vice president of marketing for SAK Business Fusion Corporation, and supports the SAK team in marketing, business development and our venture into real estate acquisition and off market real estate opportunities worldwide.

Brenda Sgroi

Vice President & Director of Operations

Brenda has over twenty years of experience in medical office management combining her business savvy with her passion for people. Her most recent endeavor was as Director of a startup wherein she successfully designed, developed, and marketed a dental plan which brought affordable dentistry to thousands of new patients in the Bay Area. Brenda was also Senior Production Manager at a high-tech instrument manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley, managing an entire department until the sale of the company for $2.2 billion.

As Vice President of Operations, Brenda has designed and implemented a comprehensive customer service strategy that focuses on account management and proactive and reactive services. In addition to the management of Kinum Debt Collection Services, she oversees our client expectation, order and payment processing, data processing, and sales’ support departments. Brenda enjoys working with people and providing them guidance on financial matters and debt alleviation.

Wallace Giakas

Executive VP of Financial Services

Mr. Giakas has served as CEO, Chairman, Director, Banker and Investor in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years for Companies in the US, Europe and Asia. He currently is an equity owner of Buckman, Buckman and Reid, a Finra Registered Broker Dealer established in 1989 and is a founding partner of Greenstone Holdings, LLC, a NY based merchant bank. Mr. Giakas is currently a board member of Dubai based Fast Telecom which is the largest seller of mobile phones in the MENA region. He is also Chairman of Amperico, a digital global coin exchange and served as a Director of Collabrium Capital, an emerging market fund based in London.

Mr. Giakas has a vast experience in real estate, aircraft, technology, telecom, energy and digital currency exchanges. An alumni from Kean University, he currently holds securities licenses of Series 7, 63 and 24 and has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps.

Elaine Pang

Vice President of Commercial Business

Ms. Pang is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry and is skilled in Options, Asset Management, Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS), Equities, and Capital Markets. A strong business development professional, Ms. Pang gained a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in International Finance from La Salle University - School of Business Administration.

W. Pierce Carson

VP of Mining & Geological Economics

Dr. Carson has 40 years of international mining experience and has managed the discovery, financing, development and operation of precious metals, base metals and industrial mineral properties in the United States, Australia and other countries. Dr. Carson was employed by Nord Pacific Limited and Nord Resources Corporation in various capacities, including president and chief executive officer. Prior to 1981, he managed exploration programs for Exxon Minerals Company and Kennecott Copper Company. Dr. Carson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Princeton University and MS and PhD Degrees in Economic Geology from Stanford University.

W. Pierce Carson
Boyd LaChance

VP of International Sporting Services

Boyd is a successful entrepreneur skilled in Negotiation, Capital Solutions and Business/Sports Consulting. He has an exceptional business acumen with excellent communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills. Outstanding motivator (coach at UC Berkeley 2002-2013 and TEAM USA pipeline staff 2009-2012) who emphasizes the importance of culture processes and the psychology of team dynamics. Boyd is confident and competent in problem solving and relates well to adversity. Boyd has a keen eye in discovering world class investment opportunities and enjoys collaborating with clients to assist them in Crypto Tax and Business Accounting.

Boyd LaChance
Stephanie Pereyo

Director of Compliance

Stephanie earned her degree in business from a renowned university and has over twenty-five years in the legal industry working with premier law firms on complex issues including infrastructure, marketing, litigation, public relations, and ethics. After a successful career managing corporate clients and complex legal cases, she understands the importance of compliance with all federal and state laws and industry regulations.